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JVA's business template since inception has been to grow its oil and gas reserve base by buying producing properties with development opportunities during industry economic downturns, keeping drilling to the necessary minimum to meet lease continuous development obligations, and to drill expansively, both exploitation and 3D seismically supported exploratory prospects when wellhead prices are at stable highpoints.

The major phase in JVA's reserve base is almost entirely oil with rich associated gas. The company's minor reserve phase is gas well gas in the Paradox Basin, Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins. If dry natural gas becomes a desirable commodity again and the wellhead price stabilizes at $6 or $7 per mcf, the company has a significant HBP inventory of gas well development drilling waiting to be done.

Exploratory Projects

JVA Operating Company develops 3D seismically supported exploratory projects typically under large acreage positions.

Drilling Prospects

The company typically forms joint ventures for drilling independent subsurface well control and seismically supported individual prospects.

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